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Computer to Plate for the best possible print quality

Computer to Plate (CTP) eliminates the need to cast films for printing and as such reduces a process in the production cycle. Besides time and cost savings, computer to plate also results in sharper dots and better quality in your prints. We utilize a thermal platesetter for the highest available print quality in the industry today.

Innovative FM screening technology

First Printers uses 2nd order Frequency Modulated (FM) screening technology for outstanding print results. With FM screening technology you get more control on the press, better color control, more clarity of screen-built type and smoother gradations of color. Why is that? It's all in the print dots.

While the dots used in conventional halftone AM printing are equally spaced in a rigid pattern, the dots used in the FM screening process are not. The FM screening process varies the dots by density and frequency according to the tone value reproduced. Lighter parts have fewer dots, the darker areas have more. These tiny random dots offer some distinct advantages such as the elimination of line rulings and screen angles, which means you no longer have to worry about moire problems and rosette patterns. You also get a broader spectrum of color and greater dimensional effects due to a larger colour gamut. The end result is a better overall quality of print.