First Printers Pte Ltd

Digital Offset Print

Our digital offset press is able to produce high quality full colour prints for all your print-on-demand needs. You get sharp vibrant colours and text that equal traditional offset prints with none of the nasty quality issues that you see with digital laser copiers. A powerful ICC profile enabled RIP engine driving our digital press helps maintain colour consistency with our lithographic offset press.

Personalisation of content and variable data printing for targeted marketing campaigns are now possible as every brochure or direct mailer printed can be customised according to your database. Variable data printing is also possible for the printing of statements and customized print materials. With our digital offset press, clients are now able to print at small quantities without any minimum print run constraints.

Lithographic Offset Print

First Printers offer a choice between conventional AM screening and high resolution FM screening for our print products. All our presses are regularly profiled to ensure that colour consistency and print quality remain at a high standard. The use of in-line photo-spectro meters and press room instruments to measure lab values and ink densities also helps to reduce dependency on operator skill levels.
The result: Consistent high quality prints.

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