First Printers Pte Ltd

  1. Print consultation

    Our print consultants are available to provide you advice on how best to implement your creative concept to a print product. We can also advise you on a suitable size to print so as to minimize wastage of paper and costs. Potential problems can also be discussed before hand to prevent unnecessary problems in the production stage. Our pre press department can also conduct checks for common file preparation errors for peace of mind before the printing stage.
  2. Choice of proofs

    We offer the following choice of proofing:

    • PDF soft proof,
    • Digital offset proofs on actual print materials**,
    • Inkjet proof
  3. PDF workflow

    We utilize a PDF based prepress production workflow to eliminate unnecessary data and file conversions that can interrupt the workflow, ensuring the integrity and consistency of file input and output throughout the production process.
  4. ICC profiles and ISO print standards

    Request for our ICC press profile to achieve greater colour accuracy during conversion of colours.
  5. FM screening at 450 lpi (lines per inch)

    FM screening not only prevents moire issues and eliminates rosette patterns in conventional AM screening, it also gives you a more photographic effect with your printed artwork.